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It's the year 2304 and, after centuries of negotiation, diplomacy and peace unexpectedly collapse, an intergalactic war has broken out; outlying worlds of the Galactic Federation have already found themselves coming under fire from the Repugnant Swarm who have laid waste to cities and farmland alike. The next target of the Swarm's ire on their way to the centre of our galactic hub and the source of that insult is Stercore 64, an artificial "world" constructed in deep space used as a refuelling point for cargo craft delivering supplies to the federation's outlying colonies.

When the attack begins everybody makes for their craft to get the heck out of Dodge, but your intentions are different; your ship the Theresa May might be a bulky, rusted piece of obsolete space junk but she's also armed to the metaphorical teeth. Time to fire up the systems, sling your craft skywards and blast some nasties because... well, reasons. Look, this is a shoot 'em up and nobody reads the instructions for these things unless it's to kill time during loading so I'm surprised you're still paying any attention at this point!

This is an upgraded version of Stercore 64, the source code can be viewed at Github.

Install instructions

Download and extract ZIP file, then drag and drop the disk image into your C64 emulator of choice.


stercore-xd.zip 92 kB


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Fun quality shoot 'em up. Nice graphics and clever design.